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For Technical analysis to be correctly analyzed and interpreted ,the following important aspects should be taken into consideration:

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Rotimatic- Is it worth buying?

Upgrading your kitchen needs certain kitchen appliances. Possessing certain kitchen appliances can make your job easier. It can save a lot of your time, especially if you are staying away from home or working full time. The Rotimatic is used to prepare rotis, chapattis, dosas, etc. Let us discuss the features of Rotimatic to understand if it’s worth buying it.

The features of Rotimatic:

  • Power consumption - Power consumption is more. It uses high electric power. But while comparing it with heater, it absorbs less power and while comparing it with mixer, it consumes more power.
  • Noise-Rotimatic roti maker doesn't produces noise in the process of preparing Rotis.
  • Cleaning- It needs to be cleaned after every use, you cannot skip the cleaning process. After the dough has been kneaded, it certainly has to be cleaned. Once it is cleaned, make sure that it is dry before fixing the parts.
  • Price- It is quite expensive, the original price is 999 dollars. But it is a one-time investment to prepare a healthy and fresh meal like Rotis, chapattis, papad, pizza, tortillas, etc. 
  • Quality- The quality of the items prepared using Rotimatic is very good. One can prepare excellent quality rotis that are fluffy, soft, and healthy. It is cooked perfectly at the edges and both inside and out.
  • Easy to operate- Even younger ones can use the product to prepare Rotis on their own.

The advantage of owning a Rotimatis is you can prepare Rotis effortlessly. You already know the ingredients that go into the machine like the flour, oil, water. You can also customize certain things like the thickness of the Rotis. The disadvantage of owning a Rotimatic is the price, since it is expensive, if you are on a low budget and want to save money, you can avoid buying the product. But, if you consider time as precious and valuable like money, do not give a second thought. Just go for it, since it can save a lot of your precious time. The Rotimatic can prepare a lot of Rotis in just a few minutes. But for those who prefer home food like thinly rolled Rotis, they might find it hard to adjust with the thickness of the machine-made Rotis.Read More

All You Need To Know About UC Browser For PC, Before Downloading

We all are well aware of the UC browsers for mobile phone and it is one of the most downloaded browsers on the smartphones. In this piece of annotation, we will acquaint you how you can make use it on your PC. So without much ado, let us quickly see what all UC Browser for PC Windows 10 throws at its users.

UC browser has the innovative and distinctive feature as it has unique kernel-U3 that makes it very easy for the users to browse without wasting your data. With more than 400 million users across more than 150 countries and the best part that this product is available on all the major operating platforms in 7 different languages.

With the PC version, It has become much easier to download on your computer, but before we embark on the downloading, process let us quickly see what all it is armed with it thus it is important to look for its unique features and what all it has stored for you. It is indeed an interesting choice that will make your browsing very easy and hassle-free even through with PC.As now we you well versed with its unique features without ado, let us quickly see how you can download on your PC... Read More




Technical Analysis is a methodology that studies patterns in historical market behavior of securities to identify future trends and to make predictions. It is basically the skillful analysis of forces of supply and demand in the market to determine price trend direction.

Technical Analysis does not guarantee an absolute price prediction but rather gives clues to investors as to what direction price trend may take overtime- This is applicable to stocks, indices and other tradable instruments  where prices are influenced by forces of demand and supply. It is important to understand the fact that historical price patterns will influence and help predict future price activities. It is important to study and identify the direction of security trend and trend line pattern. Trend refers to the the overall direction in which the securities pattern is generally headed at the particular period in study. We have three different directions a trend pattern may take: 

Upward Trend

Downward Trend

Sideways/ horizontal trend

Trend can also be classified in terms of length or duration of study period.

*Short term trend- This is the study of trend pattern for a period less than one month

*Intermediate term trends- This studies trend patterns for a period of one to three months

*Long term trend- This studies trends that occur for a time frame longer than one year.

When analyzing trends, It is important that the chart reflects the type of trend being analyzed.


A trend line is simply a charting technique where a line is added to a chart to represent the trend pattern in the market.



The WHEN Of Technical Analysis

This refers to the current market condition prevalent at the time one intends to trade.
It is essential one understands what one potentially stands to gain and the overall risk factor of the trade.

The WHY of Technical Analysis

This explains the reason for the current trend direction. It is essential to identify the particular factor influencing the current securities trends and trend line pattern. This factor may be either one or combination of any of the following: -The threat of decrease in supply may force buyers to buy at higher prices thus leading to price increase, a fresh inflow of supply on the other hand, would increase available stock and most likely reduce price.


  • Government- Government policies such as fiscal and monetary policies may influence security trend pattern
  • International Transactions- When a country spends more money on import as against export, the amount of money leaving the country is high and may possibly weaken the country's currency and also the economy.
  • Speculations and Expectations may influence both current and future trends.
  • Aenean tincidunt lacus eu tellus auctor tempus.
  • The WHO of Technical Analysis- This is the analysis of who, among the market Participants creates the price trend being studied.
  • The WHERE of Technical Analysis-This is the identification of the most profitable security with the least possible risk to trade in.

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A Pharmacy Technician is an healthcare specialist who works under the direct supervision of a licensed Pharmacist. A pharmacist is an healthcare provider who is skilled in the field of health sciences focusing on the safe and effective use of medications.

A Pharmacy Technician is quite different from a Pharmacist and so are their respective roles and responsibilities -one must not be confused with the other. A pharmacy technician may be referred to as the Assistant to a Licensed Pharmacist, carrying out several clerical and pharmacy related functions.
The DO’s and DONT’s of a Pharmacy Technician are listed below:



  • A Pharmacy Technician maintains safe and clean pharmacy

  • Assists patients and health providers by greeting them in person and on the phone ,Answers their questions and refer their enquiries to the pharmacist.

  • Arranges medication for the pharmacist to dispense by reading medication orders and prescriptions.

  • A Pharmacy Technician can Maintain Pharmacy Inventory level by checking Pharmaceutical stock, anticipating necessary medication needs and supplies ,placing orders-as approved by the pharmacist ,verifying receipts and removing outdated and expired drugs

  • Ensures medications are made available by delivering them to departments and patients.

  • A pharmacy technician must comply with pharmaceutical procedures, rules and regulations.

  • He / She must protect patients and colleagues by adhering to infection control policies and protocols.

  • A pharmacy technician can receive prescriptions from customers, Can also provide labels for issued medications

  • He/ she prepares, calculates the quantity of prescribed medicine based on the prescription.

  • Handles insurance forms and cash registers

  • A pharmacist technician must keep patients’ health information confidential

  • He/she provides information to patients and other health care professionals

  • A pharmacy technician must contribute to the overall team’s goals by always putting his/her best possible efforts at all time.



    A pharmacy technician cannot prescribe medication to patients.

    A pharmacy Technician may not alter medication prescription unless authorized by a Pharmacist.

    Should not remove medication or supply order unless checked and authorized by a pharmacist.

    He/She may not counsel patients based on his/her own expertise and experience but should rather refer them to a pharmacist who is skilled and knowledgeable in that regards.

    Must not leave inconsistencies and discrepancies unreported.

    A pharmacy Technician may not hand over medication prescriptions without the pharmacist’s knowledge.


    Should not be under eighteen years of age

    A pharmacy Technician must not issue expires medicine to patients ,hence should always check for expiration dates before dispensing medications.

    Must not increase or decrease dosage level except when authorized by the pharmacist

    He / she should not discuss patients’ health information outside  professional environment.

    He/ she Must not have history of misdemeanors  or felonies

    A pharmacy technician cannot authorize pre packaging or dispensing of medication.


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